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My name is Craig, and sometimes I review music. As has been the case since I started this yearly fixture, this list is the list of a guy who likes sad songs more than happy songs, who likes punk more than pop, heavy stuff over hip-hop. Regardless, here it is: Bandcamp DL 38 letlive. Melancholic, introspective and impeccably put together, LP2 is excellent — polished and contemplative. A triumphant, emotionally turbulent return. A thunderous rollercoaster of a record, which remains pleasingly reluctant to let up.

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To some, Christmas means glittering lights, gaily wrapped gifts. That’s right, sounds of laughter and good cheer. Corpsing doesn’t necessarily mean that the material is especially funny though, of course, it can be , or that the actors aren’t taking it seriously ; it just happens, and even excellent actors can corpse. Many actors try to cover this by covering their mouth and muffling the sounds they make.

Based on the rootsy drive of their first single, “45,” the Gaslight Anthem seem to have rediscovered a way to blend the heartland rock earnestness of their last album with the energy of their other work, scaling back the Springsteen worship a little (though thankfully not too much) in order to create a sound that is all their own.

Any time that Scottish Springsteen fans gather, inevitably the conversation turns to, “What have we done to piss Springsteen off?! Multiple dates in the UK but no journey north of the border? Someone must have served him his porridge cold when he brought the Human Touch tour to Glasgow in the early ’90s. Before the gig I actually felt quite nervous: What if no one makes any signs? I had built this up to be the gig of all gigs and got some butterflies in fear that it wouldn’t live up to my lofty expectations.

Fair to say that I needn’t have worried. One by one the E Street band filed onto the stage until Springsteen himself strolled on last Bruce was a man intent on making it a night to remember for everyone: Bruce set up his mic near the front and gave those lucky enough to be around one of the three platforms a barnstorming performance.

He was scoping the crowd for something, and then when he sang the line “pretty little miss” he zeroed in on a woman sitting on someone’s shoulders and did a pelvic thrust. Then request time arrives, and my fears about no signs are unfounded. After the bandmembers smile and nod their heads, he then turns it around so we can see: The next sign is for “Pink Cadillac,” and Bruce takes the time to point out the “collage” effect, which gets “20 extra points,” and the glitter on the sign

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Here’s how The A.V. Club comes up with our yearly list of the Top 25 albums: We collectively try to decide what the mythical “hipsters” want us to put on the list, then vote accordingly. Wait, no, that’s not what we do at all. We ask 16 writers who regularly contribute record reviews to the site to disperse points each over no more than 15 albums.

Howard started the show talking about how exhausted he is. He said he’s ready to go home. He said he even had coffee. He said he’s still tired. He had a long day yesterday. He said he’ll tell Robin about it off the air. He said he would have called but he was too tired to do that. He said it was just busy and nothing bad. Robin said she was at a reveal party.


Rumored for years to enjoy the company of younger men. Difficult to work with. Linked with Ginger Rogers. Nice guy, but has a taste for loose women in bars.

His tenor saxophone playing style has been described as “honking and screaming” and it was a fixture on many early rock ’n’ roll and rhythm ’n’ blues recordings.

Mystic Surreal Waters “Spontaneous method of irrational Understanding based on the interpretive Critical association of dilirious phenomena. Many days in Yosemite have been complete Surrealist Buffet as my fingers tie hand made Mosquitos on to tippits 2 pound test. My favorite Bamboo working its easy alive swing as the Mosquito gently hits three feet above a resting Brookie.

He moves right to it and as the bright California Sun blinds breaking up the morning light, I feel the wildness in my arm, wrist, as the little wild fish makes a nice run, joy pure joy Cast after cast a hit or a hook up, no other fly fishers in sight. Stop after four hours and just sit and smell and listen and be very thankful to be alive Half way down the long winding always clear running never crowded Feather River during the period I threw flies on every inch wadeable and wrote a feature article on the sweet Feather, I found a large pool about 40 yards wide and maybe ten feet deep at the most.

I tied on a PMD tied with a little yellow and white mix and pow it was slammened quickly! That nice one pounder was full of life so instead of playing him out and enjoying the hook up, I quickly brought him to hand and off he went. One other hook up within minutes then back in warm car comfort and off to the next pool. The intense greenery, trees healthy and tall. The majestic Feather River rules when it comes to peaceful solo fly action. Just outside of Truckee California one can access the magic Truckee River in its still healthy well kept incarnation.

The surrealistic aspect to this exciting trout habitat is the nearness to comfort, great food, outstanding hospitality!


Meticulously, we pinned and curled our hair as we danced. And this we thought would make us stand out—beautiful. You can buy Rainbow on iTunes. How was I defining what it meant to be a woman?

Daniel Bromfield. Daniel Bromfield is a writer, musician, queer and militant poptimist from San Francisco, CA. His bylines in addition to Spectrum Culture include San Francisco Magazine, the Bay Guardian, Pretty Much Amazing, Eugene Weekly and Emerald Media.

Ben Weasel knows this, and he sees no point in contributing to the morgue of dead discs. With the exception of the limited-edition vinyl release Edmond Records has planned for later this year, These Ones Are Bitter is available only in digital format. It’s the first album on Weasel’s digital-only label, Mendota Recording Company, a project he knows will likely be a challenge given the “you gotta hold it to own it” mentality of many music fans.

But without having to shoulder the cost of CD replication and having spent next to nothing on recording costs, Weasel’s not exactly betting the farm on it. Many of those columns would later turn up in his book, Punk is a Four-Letter Word. Screeching Weasel formed in and dissolved three years and two albums later, only to reemerge in with a new lineup and a new full-length, My Brain Hurts, an album that laid the blueprint for the generations of pop-punk bands that followed.

Rooted in Ramones-styled minimalism and armed with an abundance of oohs, ahs and whoh-oh-oh-ohs, to say nothing of the melodic, three-note guitar leads and catchy choruses, Screeching Weasel became one of the most emulated read: The band broke up again in and, with the exception of guitarist John “Jughead” Pierson, morphed into the Riverdales, a back-to-roots band that negated any semblance of ’90s pop-punk, going instead for the “golden era” Ramones sound.

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Thoughts on music, film, and life. Wednesday, July 11, My Top Favorite Albums of the s A few months ago, I was veering dangerously close to burning out on writing. It was also cutting into my leisure time, specifically the time I’d always set aside to write for myself. For years, I’d used music writing almost as a form of therapy: Those opportunities becoming less frequent meant I was finding more of a foothold professionally, but it also meant I was losing part of what had made me fall in love with writing in the first place.

Rhymes With Tyler Fun Without A Purpose, Which Is Really The Point Of Fun. Sunday, January 31, when frontman Brian Fallon has to ask a few questions of the writhing, sweat-soaked and madly enthusiastic crowd in front of him: Brian’s version of Kelly Clarkson’s “I Do Not Hook Up” for BBC Radio One. I was there for that! That.

Shawn Mullins Shawn Mullins Singer-songwriter Shawn Mullins readily admits that several of the songs on his new album, My Stupid Heart, address his perceived relationship failures. In fact, many were written as he was falling out of his third marriage; in the title tune, he actually chides himself for being such a romantic. That oh-so-fallible, yet essential part of our being is, it turns out, the guiding force behind just about every song on the album — the theme of which, he says, is summed up most succinctly by another song title: In the studio, the song took on a classic vibe, with impeccable instrumentation and production that sounds as if George Martin supervised.

And it carries a momentum that shifts it away from feeling like a woe-is-me wallow in self-pity. More about them later. To this day, he has a thing for Bobbie Gentry. It all made an impact. It clicked on when he heard a career-class talk by Amy Ray, then an Emory University freshman but already performing with Emily Saliers just before they became Indigo Girls. I wanted to be just like her. After graduating, he served in the U. Army Reserves at Fort Benning, Georgia, where he jumped out of a few airplanes before jumping full-time into music in


Way before Little Richard and Jerry Lee Lewis and at a time when the guitar was linked to men and gospel music was purely religious, Sister Rosetta Tharpe managed to outplay many men with her guitar and to attract large audiences with her gospel-based lyrics, accompanied by secular-sounding music. Yet during her lifetime, she was rarely praised for her perseverance and her ability to break through any gender, musical, religious, or racial barriers. The church was founded by Charles Harrison Mason in

Nobody Wins by Brian Fallon Facts. Total Plays times by 1 Artist; From the release Painkillers (Album); First Played in Concert January 7, by Brian Fallon at Port City Music Hall, Portland, ME, USA; Most Recently Played November 9, by Brian Fallon at The Hotel Cafe, Los Angeles, CA, USA.

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Mercury Records, Five stars Last December, when I ranked Brian Fallon’s side project The Horrible Crowes, with an album titled Elsie as my sixth favorite record of the year , I speculated that, probably, the young frontman still had his masterpieces ahead of him. That was a still few months before the title and tracklist for Handwritten, the fourth full-length album from Fallon and his main bandmates in The Gaslight Anthem, surfaced online, but I already had high hopes for what would bring for them.

And how could I not? Fallon worships Springsteen and is a disciple of Petty; he’s shared the stage with the E-Street Band; he can bellow like Tom Waits or croon like the old Motown legends: I adored The ’59 Sound, the released near-masterpiece that, until now, has stood as Fallon and co’s definitive statement.

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So pick three of your favorite songs that you really want to learn, and practice each of them until they sound great. When you get bored, concentrate on perfecting the nuances of those songs or move on to new material. Perhaps you want to learn music theory and take classes. Maybe you want to play your favorite songs with your friends at parties.

Maybe guitar will be your vehicle for meeting people while traveling. I learned on a similar Fender model, and have been playing it regularly for five years. Use it to quickly change the pitch on all six strings, and to reduce soreness in your fingers while practicing. Get at least two sets, in case a string snaps. Picks give you a crisper sound and more precision in your playing.

This is one of the best resources online if you really want to dive headfirst into learning all things guitar. This song is motivation for me and several of my friends to keep practicing. From the first comments, Charlie chose some of his favorites.

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Drink bottle of cough syrup, light self on fire, relax. I like to play all kinds of different music. I mean is someone ultimately going to become a fan of my music because I played with the Dolls or Pat Green covered one of my songs or BP Fallon and I opened for The Kills or had our song produced and played on by Jack White? People are going to like what they like and you have to make your music in the face of that.

I loved the guitar so much. I bought a guitar a couple weeks before my first lesson…I wrote a song on it that day, recorded it on a tape deck and sent it in the mail to a friend of mine.

Labels: Brian Fallon, Bruce Springsteen, Foo Fighters, Gaslight Anthem, Handwritten, Lollapalooza, Musical ensemble, New Jersey The Ocean – Led Zeppelin – Guitar Lesson With Danny Gill Licklibrary Saturday, June 9,

CJ got the nod in when he expertly stepped in for Dee Dee, and played with the legendary punk quartet until they disbanded in With all of this under his belt, CJ seems to just be getting started. Since , CJ has continued to make music. Right from the beginning, the band earned a solid reputation as purveyors of fine pop, gaining praise from 80s contemporaries such as Morrissey and Edwyn Collins. Importantly, in later years this praise has continued with artists such as Franz Ferdinand, The Divine Comedy and Graham Coxon, all citing the band as a key influence on their own work.

The Monochrome Set sound has often been described as timeless, and that alone explains why, over the years, the band has continued gaining admirers. The title track opens with a Theremin cyber fly buzzing towards your skull before the song hits, launching you into a mirror dimension that is both familiar and alien. The whole album is a trip that starts with a hallucinating cash-till lady, then travels through dream-sets involving cannibalism, disaffected squirrels, strange gods, dying sweethearts, sexual depravity, Alzheimer’s, backward evolution, and ends in an operating theatre, amid a sea of medical tentacles.

This volume goes even deeper into the field of 70ties and 80ties funk music from the Surinamese dance floors

Anita Barnett – I do not hook up (Kelly Carkson Cover)