Policy initiatives for the use of canines in Army medicine.

After studying creative writing at the University of Toledo, she moved to the suburbs of Detroit to have a baby instead of an MFA. She is a blogger, web-fiction writer, poet, occasional musician, photographer, dabbling artisan, and all around creative distraction. When not writing, she loves to read, take photos, climb mountains okay, little ones… , go on road trips, play guitar, draw, and build elaborate neighborhoods for her Sims. Laura writes kooky and emotional relationship dramas about people who do questionable things in bathrooms , character-rich stories that are often tragic, usually witty, sometimes poignant, and a little bit crass. She has nineteen books in her head and needs to learn to write faster. Visit her at LauraRaeAmos. A Novel Jodie and Amelia were almost sisters once, before college degrees, careers, and grown-up love entered their lives. After so many disappointments, Amelia is finally happy. Or something like it. Jodie hates that all her friends are pairing up to begin their futures.

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July 31, Wessex Archaeology A U. A group of badgers threatens burials dating to not only the Bronze Age but also the sixth century at Salisbury Plain in England, not too far from Stonehenge. So, archaeologists have teamed up with military personnel from Operation Nightingale to help unearth the ancient graves before the badgers do, said Richard Osgood, a senior archaeologist at the Defence Infrastructure Organisation DIO in the United Kingdom.

Operation Nightingale is a military initiative that pairs researchers with service members who were recently wounded in the line of duty, particularly in Afghanistan.

After a year of development and testing, a suitable track chair was created and Hotes Foundation volunteers now hand-deliver them to hundreds of wounded warriors across the U.S. No matter where there are people in need, Richard Hotes and the Hotes Foundation make it their mission to help.

Explore more from this episode More Amazons in myth: Amazon women also crop up in Greek myths. One of the labors of Hercules, for example, required him to acquire the girdle of the Amazon queen, Hippolyte. The Amazons of Greek mythology most likely had no connection to the women of the steppes, says archaeologist Jeannine Davis-Kimball. This painting on a Greek vase depicts an Amazon woman warrior on horseback engaged in battle. A history of sorts: The works of the Greek historian Herodotus, written around the 5th century B.

Herodotus’ Amazons were taken prisoner and put on ships, but overwhelmed and killed the Greek crew.

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He said that he needed to see me immediately, he had a real problem: His wife had given him an ultimatum–“Either get into counseling or get a lawyer”–and then she had walked out. Two days later, when I opened the door to let him into the office, I was surprised to see a pound man who looked like a guard for the San Francisco 49ers. He seemed reluctant and angry as he entered my office and I had the feeling he was not there by choice.

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The IVth Legion became a byword for punishing warfare and for mastery in siege craft, both in defence and assault. Its Primarch Perturabo was likewise known as a ruthless and effective warlord; a master strategist whose razor-edged mind could fathom the hidden weakness in any foe and exploit it with savage and decisive action — a general to whom defeat was anathema and victory worth any price paid in blood to gain it.

This lauded record masked a long-simmering discord within the IVth Legion itself, however. A discord bred by ill use and slights both real and imagined which, as time went on, was given outward sign by a marked distance and growing distrust between the Iron Warriors Legion and the Great Crusade it served. A growing bitterness festered in the hearts of its increasingly paranoid and withdrawn Primarch.

When the treachery of Horus was revealed at Istvaan III , the Iron Warriors were already a Legion in crisis, scattered over the stars, divided between a hundred different deployments and still reeling from a brutal act of savage suppression carried out against their own homeworld of Olympia , but they answered the call to punish the Traitor without hesitation.

The poison that had long festered within the Legion’s soul had at last borne its bitter fruit and in the dark years that followed, billions would suffer for it.


And until CNN got involved, the Department of Defense was about to significantly cut their reimbursements for lodging, meals, and incidentals, which allow them to do their important work. Adam Hartswick, told CNN. Hartswick, an Army senior combat medic, lost both his legs after an improvised explosive device detonated under him in Zhari Province, Afghanistan, in They treat their wounds, help them re-learn how to stand, or walk, or speak, and nurse them to as much independence as they can achieve.

All this was at risk when a Pentagon rule went into effect on Nov. Obviously, the work done by these NMAs can last far beyond half a year.

Prince Harry offers support to wounded warriors during his tour in the US.

Pysch Corner – Top 50 Blogs About Depression The Psychology of PTSD — The Top 50 Bloggers Shed Light Post-traumatic stress disorder is not a new phenomena, although more recent events such as September 11, Hurricane Katrina, and the wars in the Middle East have certainly allowed psychologists the opportunity to learn more about this disorder in order to better understand it as well as better treat their patients.

Post-traumatic stress disorder, or PTSD, is a severe anxiety disorder that can develop after exposure to any event that results in psychological trauma. Some of the more common forms of PTSD can be found in victims of sexual abuse, the military, and anyone who has experienced a traumatic moment. Even with so many suffering from the same condition, it can still be easy to feel alone. But not only those experiencing PTSD are affected. It can affect family members and friends as well.

To help get an opinion from those who have experienced some form of posttraumatic stress disorder, we have gathered the top 50 bloggers shedding light on PTSD. They are authored by experts, patients, family members, and even experts in neuroscience. They open up new understanding about this disorder and how to cope and manage every day life.

If you need some tips on reading about PTSD, this blog does not disappoint. Lily Casura is a published writer whose interests are on veterans, particularly with PTSD and related issues such as the social, medical, and legal. Categories include everything from academic papers to yoga for PTSD.

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Share this article Share Archaeologists who studied their bones to age the bodies said both were shot in the head in One of the young men still had a spoon tucked into his uniform for digging away at rations. Other remains have been found almost every year before that dating back to , when a major discovery of three Austrian soldiers buried in the ice made global headlines.

Dr Nicolis, who watched the autopsy of the most recent bodies, told MailOnline: The first moment I looked at the boy I thought about his mother, who would have seen him for the last time and never heard from her young son again. One body yet to be found is that of Captain Arnaldo Berni, 24 right , who led Italian troops on the 3, m peak of San Matteo in August

The JMMF spends several days a year with the Wounded Warriors, instilling the mantra that learning to surf is only the beginning of a feeling that lasts a lifetime. #injured marines #Jimmy Miller Foundation #Mike Losness #timmy curran #Wounded Warriors.

Also, we are now providing a veteran wives and Gold Star wives retreat by other veteran and Gold Star wives. Coming Home Project Retreats – California http: A multidisciplinary team of veterans, family members, psychotherapists and interfaith leaders, we are devoted to providing innovative, compassionate care to address the mental, emotional, spiritual and relationship problems veterans and service members face.

Compass Retreat Center Loveland, OH Our mission is to provide a supportive setting for National Guard Members, Reservists and their families following deployment with emphasis on renewing relationships and strengthening family bonds. Dark Horse Lodge Paris, TN They are beginning to raise the funds necessary to build this lodge for combat veterans, to visit, at no cost to them. We are a non-profit organization with c 3 recognition. Once our fundraising goal has been met, we will begin building our lodge.

This will be a retreat for combat veterans of all branches to come to relax, fish on Kentucky Lake and communicate with others who have walked in their boots. Our mission is to honor our nation’s heroes by providing a peaceful atmosphere for combat veterans to enjoy rest, relaxation and recreation. Depending on which time of year it is, we do everything from taking kids to harvest their first deer or turkey, to bringing them out to experience what its like to catch tailing Redfish and Speckled Trout.

Disabled Veterans Rest Camp www. The campground is open to all military personnel in good standing: We believe that when the troops serve, the whole family serves.

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Published in Health Inspired and humbled by the strength of the family members the soldiers left behind, MacFarland’s first thought was to immerse herself in prayer for troops and their families — with a “Rosary for Warriors. After learning the prayers she didn’t know, MacFarland decided that the Rosary for Warriors should be prayed with the Sorrowful Mysteries in mind, and each decade would be prayed for a specific intention, including prayers for deployed soldiers, those wounded and deceased, and for the families of soldiers.

She then passed the idea along to “every Catholic in my address book,” said MacFarland, who was living on a military base in Germany at the time. Her husband, Sean, who has served in the military for more than 25 years, served two tours in Iraq. During his second tour, his brigade lost more than 90 soldiers in a month period. It was a “horror,” said MacFarland, recounting the months her husband was deployed to Iraq.

The Wounded Warriors Project offers a variety of resources for veterans, including mental health support, benefits, employment opportunities, educational services, and so much more. You can donate.

Telling everybody I don’t go to this sooner. The minute I see him president of bank. They did today flattened houses that go with your service and I done these bikes. You’re certainly back in Okay folks getting out about. Had a brain tumor. Dating back in the black pretty much motivated mustard and gotten. I really cried for two and up like this to be room.

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Rex is a disabled veteran who ended up with part of his leg amputated after a roadside bombing. He also had a severe head injury and suffers from extreme short term memory loss that leaves him waking up to a new day every day. His friend, Clark suffers from PTSD and bouts of dark depression that are nearly debilitating at times. Neither man feels that they have anything to offer a woman but while Rex has abstained form dating, Clark tends to date them on a short term basis.

“Wounded Warrior Project ® (WWP) makes me feel like I’m not alone. You meet warriors with all types of injuries – PTSD, TBI, burns, missing limbs, spine injuries, and numerous physical injuries. You meet warriors with all types of injuries – PTSD, TBI, burns, missing limbs, spine injuries, and .

Attila was known in the Norse myths as Atli , but he was historically derived from Attila the Huns. Attila was the brother of Ortnid. When Milias, the king of the Huns, had died, Attila won Hunland through ruthless conquest. Attila then moved the Hunnish capital from Valterborg to Susa. Attila had many powerful advisers. Among his vassals were the hero Dietrich and Rudiger. It has been mentioned several times in the Nibelungenlied , Etzel Attila had once held Hagen and Waltharius of Aquitaine as hostages.

Wounded warrior’s “miracle” survival story