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You can send simple text messages, images, video, documents, and make calls. You can start conversations with one person, or create and join group conversations. WhatsApp can use your internet connection instead, helping you reduce your mobile bill. Around the time the App Store became a feature on iPhones, Acton and Koum saw the potential apps could have. After buying an iPhone, the pair began working on WhatsApp – a portmanteau of sorts putting “what’s up? WhatsApp is popular among smartphone users, with over 1 billion people worldwide using the app. This makes WhatsApp the most popular messaging application app in the world. A former popular messaging app, MSN Messenger, only had around million users. One of the main elements to the app that attracts users is the security.

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Depending device WhatsApp for Nokia app size may vary. On popular operating system, it is always bringing useful and privacy update to make it, even more, user-friendly. With the latest Nokia WhatsApp app, a user still can enjoy same features that are available on other existing OS.

Coolest WhatsApp Group Invite Link to Join in – WhatsApp Groups Link Hey Readers, It’s been a long time since we have posted something cool Whatsapp Status and Groups for you guys and girls. Today, we have got something special for you and that is WhatsApp Groups Link This time it’s a bit different from our usual posts.

Download WhatsApp Whatsapp is the number one mobile chat application and its client base that has been growing exponentially ever since its release in Sponsored Links In , its users have already crossed half-billion! Clearly, this is the most famous and widely used messenger across the globe. However, there is a growing interest on using Whatsapp on desktop as well. Read on to learn if you can do that and how to install Whatsapp on desktop. In order to get Whatsapp on desktop , we will need to download the official WhatsApp installer, which is an excellent choice.

So, first, you need to download the installer from their official website and look for the application that is well-matched with the desktop configuration. Once Whatsapp for desktop has been installed, click on the messaging icon, and verify your phone with the whatsapp Messenger QR code. The app will get installed on your PC automatically. Just click on the My apps Icon to install Whatsapp. Hence, you can see that the procedure is very simple and easy to follow.

So, in case you do not have a smartphone or if it is broken, there are ways to get Whatsapp messenger on PC.

Download WhatsApp for Nokia 3310, Asha, Windows, S40, S60 (For All Models)

Hike provides its users the amazing facility of hidden chat. This allows hike users to keep their private chat hidden such as no person will ever came to know that they are hidden. These conversation can only be opened if we enter the right hidden mode password. This feature is extremely useful for the users from protecting their private chat from their parents.

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How to join and share your Whatsapp group link on websites Just follow the simple steps to share or join in a group Visit the website group link to join and share. U can add your group using some apps. Now add your group to the site. Select the category of your group it may be anything and fill the respect blanks and get the group link. Open the website, and you may notice many categories and simply any category and know your group belongs to which one.

Now select the group of your choice which you want to join, and you can share the group link too. Just click on the join button, and it will direct to your whatsapp group, and you can use it as all regular groups. Go for Whatsapp tricks. This is the simple way to join any group with the group link, and you can share to your friends and make them also join in your group, and they may join someone like that, and you may have a full page of your buddies, and you will have new friends.

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WhatsApp Groups are very useful for everyone to send or share files with many peoples at the same time. It is not so easy to find best group names for our newly created group. Lots of people take the help of the Internet and start searching for the best name on world wide web If you are one of them then let you know this article is fulfilled with lots of Funny WhatsApp Group Names collection.

Whatsapp has a great feature of Groups where you can share anything with all of your friends or relatives at the same time.

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Generally, we need to track location of a person if any unknown person is teasing or threatening us. Sometimes, our friends or known people lie to meet us and make excuses. Have you also find yourself in such kind of problematic situations when you are in a severe need to track geolocation of a person? Also, this method has been used by lots of people successfully.

Be friend with the person who you want to track on Facebook. Now, open any browser and start chatting with that person on Facebook. Make sure, you have only single browser and its single tab is open where you are chatting. Also, if you can, check if any of your background apps are using internet connection for updates, terminate those processes by using Task Manager. Now, follow these steps: Now, command prompt has opened.

And hence, you will have location of that person. Also, once created, it is easy to use this method to trace IP of any unknown person. Steps to create tracing link: You usually end up in getting sub-domain such as yoursite.

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The mentions feature has been spotted in beta iOS release. The group invite link feature was also spotted in beta iOS release. WhatsApp could take weeks to rollout the new features to end users. WhatsApp has lately been adding plenty of features to its messaging service , with the most recent being message quotes and replies. The most popular instant messaging app now appears to be working to add another important feature that will make it easy to get the attention of someone in the group by “mention” and will also provide an easy way to add someone to a group by sending group invite links.

Both new features were reportedly spotted in a beta build of WhatsApp for iOS. The new mention feature has been rumoured to be in testing for a while and will be mostly used in the group conversation where there are plenty of friends and it’s sometime hard to get the attention of an individual. Similar to how mention works on Facebook, the feature will show the name with a different coloured text. The group invite feature on the other hand will allow a WhatsApp user to send group invite link for any user to join.

The new mention and group invite feature in the latest beta release was reported by WABetaInfo, which claims to track beta releases of WhatsApp for iOS.

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In this article I have shown you how to secure your Whatsapp account. In my previous article I have already shown you how to see WhatsApp messages of others. On that article I used WhatsApp Web feature to see messages of others. In this article I have used the same technique to detect.

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I want to enable users to share a URL+ text with a WhatsApp group. I want this to work both from iPhones and Androids. However my app is in a browser (it’s a website).

Group voice and video calls will let you ring lots of your friends at the same time It could prove both popular and annoying Monday 23 October You can currently use the popular messaging app to ring up your individual contacts, but the voice and video call options only appear inside one-on-one conversations. The feature works for all types of messages, but only if they were sent less than seven minutes ago.

Another, more fiddly way of reading your messages without triggering the blue ticks, is enabling Aeroplane Mode before opening your messages – just remember to close the app before switching Aeroplane Mode off again. On Android, long-press the conversation, and on iOS, swipe from left to right on a chat. You can export entire conversations – complete with emoji and media attachments – by hitting More inside a chat a selecting Email Chat.

Facebook Messenger allows group calls already, but the same functionality could prove much more popular on WhatsApp, as the quality of calls made through it tends to be much better. However, it could also prove extremely annoying, especially if you’re busy while other people in the group chat are free, bored and looking to cause mischief.

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Indian lawyer threatens to sue WhatsApp over a rude emoji He says he wants the middle finger emoji removed in 15 days, or he’ll sue. Specifically, he wants the “middle finger” removed from the social messaging platform, threatening to sue if it’s not taken down within 15 days of a notice served to WhatsApp, News 18 reported Wednesday. It’s not the first time WhatsApp has received criticism in India. The country’s government has previously voiced displeasure over its limited abilities to stop the spread of ” objectionable content ” on the platform.

An Indian court ruled that any posts considered to be fake news on a WhatsApp group could lead to the arrest of the group administrator in April , then going on to put an admin behind bars for sharing “offensive content” a month later. Lawyer Gurmeet Singh, who works in the city courts in India, cited local regulations in his notice.

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As we all know its also provide the feature of group in which we can add maximum friends. In one whatsapp account we use many groups. Sometimes we want to add friends in group without saving his number. So what to do in this situation? In this condition we can create whatsapp group invite link and send it to as many as friends we want. There are many profit for a creating a whatsapp group link; You can join any whatsapp group without approval etc.

Read this full post to know more about how to create whatsapp group invitation link.

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