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We led by as much as 21, so this one wasn’t even as close as it looked. As well it shouldn’t have, as Tech is a solid D2 program without much this year. The key element was that they shot like crap We built a lead at halftime, and then cruised home from there. Todd Walker said it was a pretty lackluster game, and we didn’t shoot too well, either Hamblet had a double double our second straight game with a double double at 18 points and 11 boards. Back against Jacksonsville on Friday, then the tougher of the games in Green Bay with the hosts on Saturday. Perhaps more interesting than the game was the trip to Green Bay. And during the last 20 years, more games are being played over traditional holidays such as Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s and Easter in college athletics.

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By turning it on and off? I would suggest you to try the following steps: Disable the firewall settings on the computer and check if the issue is resolved. Disable the IP Helper service: Hold the Windows key and type R, enter “services.

eBird transforms your bird sightings into science and conservation. Plan trips, find birds, track your lists, explore range maps and bird migration—all free.

The difference between the Echo Dot and the Echo Tap is basically that the Echo Tap is a wireless, portable Echo that is not voice-activated, while the Echo Dot is an Echo without a full speaker the Echo Dot does have a small on-board speaker , that is voice-activated, and that you connect to either a wired or wireless bluetooth speaker of your own. But you can also use the Echo Dot as an extension for your Echo! By the way, if your Echo Dot is hanging during wifi setup, we cover that too.

When you first receive your Amazon Echo Dot, you will note that it basically looks like your Echo has been decapitated. But we do have one caution for you: Your Echo Dot may seem to be be hanging at this screen: Or it may just throw you back to this screen: As it happens, after much gnashing of teeth and trying just about everything else, in frustration we rebooted our phone, and whaddaya know, it was all magically set up.

Once your Echo Dot is connected to your own wifi network, you can go on to the next step of disconnecting your phone or tablet from your network, and connecting it to the Echo Dot. And once you do that, your Dot will show up in the settings in your Alexa app and your phone or tablet will go back to being connected to your home network. Now is when the fun begins. You can connect your Echo Dot via the included audio cable to any device or speaker that has an audio input.

And you can connect your Echo Dot to a bluetooth speaker we love the Zooka bluetooth speaker , which you can get here on Amazon.

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The Tiffin, Ohio native is a Sport Management major, with a minor in journalism. His primary sports interests are football, basketball, and baseball, at both collegiate and professional levels. Following yet another close loss on Sunday, fans and media alike are wondering how much time Hue Jackson has left as the head coach of the Cleveland Browns. This is primarily because the last five Browns coaches have been relieved of their duties after a game against Pittsburgh.

This year, Jackson is in a very different situation than his predecessors. The past five coaches were relieved of their duties after the last game of the year, coincidentally against Pittsburgh each time.

Typically, people wake up and start drinking and tailgating all day until the game starts. Athens is literally shut down so everyone can party and watch the game. The music scene in Athens is also a big part of what makes UGA a great party school. With the Georgia Theater attracting big names on a weekly basis to huge country concerts in.

The interior roads are in terrible condition – dirt with some large stones and many holes. Although we requested a site with no trees we had to have a branch cut in order to clear one slide. This would be OK for a one night stop but I wouldn’t plan on any longer stay. The roads in the campground had large holes to dodge and were extremely dusty. Our site was level and the power and water worked as they should. No issues with our EMS during our stay. We didn’t hook up to the sewer so we used the restrooms.

The restrooms were dirty and shabby. There was plenty of hot water but the shower was dingy and dirty.

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Otago Daily Times Filed Under: ATV Utility Vehicle Hunting Buggy – The rear electric atv motor is visible mounted on the rear axle of the Barefoot Motors electric ATV prototype Electric all-terrain vehicles may not impress the dune-and trail-riding crowd that rides for recreation, but a few small companies expect organic farmers and vineyard growers will pay a premium to gather cattle and spray vines without the carbon footprint of a gas vehicle.

While automakers are toiling to produce electric cars that will fit the demands of American drivers, Ashland-based Barefoot Motors is on the verge of turning out heavy-duty electric ATVs that can go 50 miles on a charge costing about 90 cents.

Dec 21,  · Moten is off the hook. BGSU Men’s Basketball!! 11 posts • Page 1 of 1. Moten is off the hook. by Germainfitch1» Tue Dec 20, pm. Moten was highly rated coming out of high school and hyped up on here over the last couple weeks, but revitalizing BG basketball? In fairness to Brian, I don’t think he has practiced with the team.

We were on a family vacation and they announced a moment of silence over a loudspeaker on a cruise ship — my only child at the time was my 9-month-old son. I never imagined that day almost 6 years ago would become a normal day in America. Gun violence is a public health crisis in our country right now. Here in Rhode Island, I have been working on gun violence prevention by organizing events in our community, helping residents get involved at the state level, and lobbying legislators to vote for bills that would reduce gun violence and keep our kids safe.

I support a ban on assault weapons, the Red Flag bill, and the Safe Schools initiative, so that anyone with a concealed carry permit cannot carry a firearm onto any school property. If elected, I would enthusiastically co-sponsor and vote to pass an assault weapons ban in the next session. I would also work hard within the legislature to build support for laws that help reduce the level of gun violence in our state. But we specifically need more women in our General Assembly.

RV Camping during October for FrightFest – Cedar Point’s Lighthouse Point

By TMHA Staff May Speech-language pathology SLP is a field of healthcare that focuses on communication and swallowing disorders, language development, and cognitive issues related to language. SLPs often work in hospitals and clinics to diagnose and treat people with communication disorders. Patients may suffer from dementia, have recently experienced a stroke or traumatic brain injury, or have a lifelong condition that affects their communication abilities such as autism or deafness. Some SLPs also work in schools to help children with speech impediments.

For more information about careers in speech-language pathology, market trends, salary information, and education requirements check out this helpful guide on the Audiology and Speech-Language Pathology Association ASHA website. Of course, these only represent the bare minimum requirements for consideration as a top program.

Aug 07,  · How to Set up Ethernet. In this Article: Connecting to the Router Configuring Ethernet Settings on Windows Configuring Ethernet Settings on Mac Community Q&A. This wikiHow teaches you how to connect your computer directly to an internet router using an Ethernet cable, as well as how to set up your Ethernet settings on Windows and : K.

We’ve got the go cart electric motors that are perfect for your electric go cart application. Electric Go Kart Motor News A Simple Guide By: Go Kart – To start: Electric motors- AC vs. DC I’ll just put this plainly- you can’t use an AC motor in a go-kart. The reason is that AC is different from AC. AC stands for ‘Alternating Current” and is what comes out of your wall socket. It’s used because it transmits long distances better along wires from the power plant to you and doesn’t electrocute people quite so badly.

DC stands for ‘Direct Current’ and is what comes out of a battery. It’s plain electricity, and it’s what you want to use for a go kart.

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My life, a patchwork quilt, filled with many loves and interests and you are a part of it. Single crochet in 2nd chain from hook and in each chain across row to end 39 stitches. Row 2 to Row 19 to Single crochet across row and chain 1 at end of row, turn. These next 6 rows are the short rows, you single crochet in top of next 7 stitches, chain 1, turn, and repeat this for the next 5 rows.

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Different types of freediving blackout have become known under a variety of names, these include: Ascent blackout Blackout on ascent Loss of consciousness which occurs as the surface is approached, or even at the surface, following a deep breath-hold dive generally over ten metres and typically involves free-divers practicing dynamic apnea depth diving, usually at sea. Constant depth blackout Constant pressure blackout Isobaric blackout Hypoxic blackout which occurs where all phases of the dive have taken place in shallow water where depressurisation is not a significant factor.

This is often referred to by breath-hold divers as shallow water blackout. These blackouts typically occur in swimming pools and are probably driven only by excessive hyperventilation, with no significant influence of pressure change. As it is also used for other purposes, ascent blackout is the less ambiguous option. Hyperventilation-induced blackout This is a recommended term for cases where hyperventilation is known or suspected to have been a contributing factor in either shallow water blackout or deep water blackout.

The term is used for several different mechanisms, depending on context, therefore often leading to confusion.

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Loans , Student Loans NerdWallet adheres to strict standards of editorial integrity to help you make decisions with confidence. Some of the products we feature are from partners. We adhere to strict standards of editorial integrity. Some of the products we feature are from our partners. To begin the application process, complete and submit the application to PEO.

ENQ called me up and started asking questions about why we didn’t go out after our hook up. He never says hook up, or alpha, or any of that pickup BS, so I knew something was up. I took a look at what he was so amped up about.

This includes insects, snails, fish, birds and mammals. As an undergraduate doing research with a live animal, you are required to meet certain standards. These standards are dictated by the Animal Welfare Act and are administered by the United States Department of Agriculture and it’s affiliated offices. Failure to comply with these regulations can result in fines and penalties for the university, including a loss of priviledges to perform research on animals over the entire university.

For research with invertebrate species, you must discuss your project with the Course Instructor and Teaching Assistant. This is to ensure that the project you select is scientifically valid and can be answered with the species you have chosen. You need to perform a search of the previously published literature to see if anyone else has done this type of study and if so, how it was done. This is to ensure that all care is taken for the animals that will be involved in the study.

The only type of study with vertebrate species where the protocol and discussion with the Director are waived are for projects that involve observation only such as watching a species at the zoo, your backyard, in a woods, etc. Any project which requires manipulation physically handling the animal will immediately need to be taken to the Director of Animal Facilities. As a student of Bowling Green State University you are required to meet all federal, local and institutional standards for animal care – regardless of whether or not the animals you are using belong to the University.

These policies are available in the Animal Facility Office LSC and the Director will be happy to assist you in interpreting them for your individual project. The protocol form will be reviewed directly by the Director.

Cedar Point’s Lighthouse Point Campground, Sandusky, Ohio

The check-in line was a little slow moving. There are only 2 stations to check people into the resort. The staff was helpful and gave us maps and allowed us to purchase park and dinning passes at check in. There is a convenient store attached to the check in area. The space had a lighted hook up station which I appreciated since we arrived at night. Inside the power station was a 20amp circuit with 2 plugs, a 30 amp circuit and a 50 amp circuit, plus a cable jack.

The event center offers the perfect place to hold a family reunion, church retreat, or any large party with seating for up to people. Swimming, fishing, and paddle boating on the 3 acre pond and some of the most beautiful sunsets N.W. Ohio has to offer complete your camping experience.

Demand 2 Increase the representation of marginalized communities within faculty, staff and the board of trustee membership. Demand 3 Establish required cultural diversity education sessions and curriculum into the BGSU academic plan. Demand 4 Increase the student organization budget funds allocated to minority student organizations on campus.

This is why we are dedicated to the needs of our fellow students and believe we must hold this beloved university to its mission. As a University we have failed. We have failed our Black students. We have failed our Black professors.

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