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Download it to have a try after we showing how to sync iPhone or iPad with new computer without erasing. It’s really frustrating when you try to sync your iPhone or iPad to the newly bought computer with iTunes, a window pops up and asks you to “Erase and Sync” for iTunes won’t supports syncing two computers at a time. In this article we will show you an iTunes alternative named AnyTrans , which helps sync iPhone with new computer without erasing content like music, videos, etc. It breaks through the limitation of iTunes – syncing iPhone only to one computer at a time. You can also sync data from iTunes or computer to your iPhone without losing data. Sync photos, videos, contacts, music, and more from one iPhone to another.

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For me, the first attempt after configuring always fails, then works after re-trying, and then all after that work no failures. February 13, at 4: Thanks Mark and unlockit for keeping me on Consumer Cellular!

HP Printers – How to Print from iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch This document is for HP wireless printers and Apple iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch. Print photos, documents, emails, or webpages from your Apple mobile device to most HP wireless printers using Apple AirPrint.

Or read our Product Environmental Reports Environmental Status Report for detailed information on the environmental performance of every Apple product. Recycling Apple takes a holistic view of materials management and waste minimization. Learn more Recycling about how to recycle your iPod touch. Available space is less and varies due to many factors. Preinstalled apps use about 4GB, and you can delete these apps and restore them.

FaceTime calling requires a FaceTime-enabled device for the caller and recipient and a Wi-Fi connection. Not all content is eligible for Family Sharing. Content can be hidden by family members; hidden content is not available for download. Weight varies by configuration and manufacturing process. For iPod touch with Maps, the Maps application provides your approximate location using information based on your proximity to known Wi-Fi networks when on and available.

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Would syncing my iphone with Itunes unlock it? Lily I stupidly forgot my password and have locked my iphone. I have tried my password a certain amount of times that it has now ask me to connect to itunes, which I have. If I sync them again, would it unlock the phone or do I have to restore it?

Tip: If you wanna print your iPhone photos wirelessly, you can go to How to print photos from iPhone (iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone SE, iPhone 6s, 6s Plus, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6, iPhone 5s, iPhone 5c, iPhone 5, iPhone 4s, iPhone 4 included) directly for some info.

When you sync an iPhone with another Mac or PC, a warning pops up on iTunes that an iPhone can only be synced with one library at a time. If you proceed to sync your iPhone with the secondary computer, the contents of that iTunes library will automatically replace whatever media you had on your device in the first place. Those are safe, but any songs or videos are not. Fortunately, there is a solution for how to use an iPhone with more than one iTunes library.

The method is explained in detail ahead… For reference, here is the exact error message that is displayed: Do you want to erase this iPhone and sync with this iTunes library? An iPhone can be synced with only one iTunes library at a time. Erasing and syncing replaces the contents of this iPhone with the contents of this iTunes library. By essentially copying and pasting this key between your primary and secondary computers, you can trick your iPhone into thinking it is syncing with the iTunes library it was originally paired with.

Simply follow these step-by-step instructions for OS X: Step 1 and 2: On the Mac that your iPhone normally syncs with, open a new Finder window and navigate to Go in the top menu bar. From the drop-down menu, click on Go To Folder.

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Feb 29, – 83 Comments By far the easiest way to sync an iPhone to a new Mac or Windows PC is to transfer all iPhone files and backups from the old computer to the new one. A few quick notes: Syncing an iPhone with a New Windows PC The instructions are basically the same as above, but the files and folders you are looking to copy are in different locations. Older versions of Windows have iPhone backups located at the following location instead:

The New-Fangled Way: You can also simply sync up your iPhone over iCloud. During setup, you’ll need to connect to Wi-Fi, and select whether you want to set up as a new device, restore from an.

This will not only provide you with much improved battery life but will also enable fully working Push Notifications on your iDevice. For those who don’t know, SAM tricks iTunes to generate legitimate activation packets for your iPhone which in turn fully activates your iPhone without official carrier SIM card.

Launch Cydia app on your jailbroken iPhone, iPod Touch or iPa d Tap on Manage tab followed by a tap on Sources section Tap on Edit button on the top-right followed by tap on Add button on the top-left. Tap on the Search tab at the bottom and type SAM in the search field. Once done, hit the Reboot Device button to restart your iPhone. You will see Stockification Success message. Now tap on SAM button on the top-left to go back to the main menu.

You will see the following screen in iTunes: Wait while iTunes generate legitimate activation packets for your iPhone. Once done, you are all set to sync and backup your iPhone. After syncing and backing up your iPhone, iTunes will throw error

Itunes and phone won’t stop synching

This exact same thing happened to me a week ago, and I finally found a solution and got all my music back about an hour ago. I am SO relieved and thankful, because it was an absolute nightmare for me when I thought I’d lost everything! That’s why I’m going around posting answers, because I really hope it’ll help other people with the same problem.

I was backing up my iphone when prompted to update operating system to and did that, then the phone strted backing up (syncing) then a message came up .

How to sync your iPhone without using iTunes Here’s how to eradicate iTunes from your life – but first, find out if you really should. And with iTunes being free, competing apps find the going tough. This is probably why many decent products such as Ecoute — now iPhone-only have been abandoned. However, alternative players still exist, including Swinsian and VOX. Both of these focus on music, import your local files, and support a wider range of formats than iTunes, including FLAC.

Another option is to ditch local music entirely and use cloud-based playback such as Amazon Music or Google Play , or a streaming service like Rdio , Tidal or Spotify. For our money, Spotify is the best choice, with the largest catalogue, a reasonably good native OS X app, and the option to integrate your local music files. The app is straightforward: They will then be, where relevant, converted to a format compatible with iOS, and sent to your device.

How to download movies to iPad without iTunes Alternatives to iTunes for TV, movies, podcasts and books With other media, what you need to do depends on what you used iTunes for. How to get back missing music, films and TV shows that have disappeared from iTunes Alternatives to iTunes for managing apps and backing up iTunes can be used for downloading apps and syncing them to a device, and also for rearranging your Home screens.

Doing so is unnecessary, though; you can easily download new apps directly on a device. One area in which iTunes can come in handy is for bulk-deletion.

How To Sync Music To iPhone on Windows 10 or MacOS

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Once configured, you only need your iPhone/iPod, the USB sync cable, and a computer with iTunes to implement the hack (the idea being you always have your iPhone or iPod and the person with the computer has the iPod USB cable).

There’s a fix for that, but it takes a few steps. Read on to learn how to get your iPhone 6 up and running with a MicroCell. There’s a fix for that. The device connects to your network and acts like a mini cell tower. My MicroCell worked great with my iPhone 5s, but once I activated my iPhone 6 the strong signal love was gone. My MicroCell and iPhone 6 refused to talk to each other even though my phone number didn’t change.

You’ll need to reset your MicroCell before it’ll see your new iPhone.

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