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Share this article Share Sometimes the celebrities in question were involved in serious relationships, with Sandra Bullock dating Ryan Gosling, 16 years her junior, for a year. But more often than not, unlikely couplings led to awkward one-date excursions, as was the case between Christian Bale and Drew Barrymore. Jamie Dornan left dated Mischa Barton right briefly back in Jamie Dornan has been elevated to hunk status due to his career-making stint as Christian Grey in the film adaptation of Fifty Shades of Grey. And once upon a time, the pair were nearly an item. The pair were spotted out and about on various dates in London in At the height of Barton’s fame in and back when Dornan was just starting out, the pair were spotted out and about on various dates in London. Fast forward to and year-old Dornan has been married to Brit actress Amelia Warner for two years and they share a month daughter together. Mischa Barton, 29, split with actor Sebastian Knapp back in and is currently not linked to anyone. Ryan Gosling left once dated Sandra Bullock right , who is 16 years his senior When Sandra Bullock, 50, met Ryan Gosling, 34, in , both were established actors in their own right, although Sandra’s star shone substantially brighter than Ryan’s at that point. The pair started dating after meeting on the set the thriller Murder By Numbers. Pre-Notebook fame, Gosling dated Bullock for a year and the relationship set tongues wagging due to the fact that Bullock was 16 years Gosling’s senior.

A short history of embarrassing celebrity endorsements

But now David Beckham is the face of a slightly more dubious product Cock Grease, to put it bluntly. Thankfully, Cock Grease isn’t what you might initially thing: It remains unclear whether Beckham has officially endorsed the company a source indicated to The Mirror that he has not , which in the past has used the faces of actors Bradley Cooper and Jamie Dornan to hawk its wares. Either way, the image has now been seen by flocks of people on social media.

Poor Becks is not the only celebrity caught in advertising controversy this week.

Apr 01,  · JAMIE Dornan is the hottest Northern Irish actor working in Britain at the moment. Hottest in every sense. The former model-turned-actor lit up British TV screens last year with his spine-chilling performance as serial killer Paul Spector in surprise BBC hit The Fall, .

It was, despite the somber tone of a few films, what you might call a feel-good ranking. There is nothing to feel good about in our latest inventory of sex scenes, all of which are entirely un-sexy. Any and all of these adjectives can be found in our list of the 25 worst sex scenes in movie history. It goes without saying that things are about to get a little NSFW and maybe not safe for life.

Without further ado, our list of the 25 worst sex scenes in movie history. Let us instead squirm in discomfort as the incorrigibly horny stuffed animal pantomimes increasingly graphic sex acts on a supermarket register for the amusement of his comely co-cashier. What starts as good-natured if a bit randy — a little dry-hump here, some simulated fellatio there — slams into the wall of polite taste, along with certain bodily fluids.

No, it must be an excerpt from an action movie porn parody. Grabs his weapon and shoots at the bad guys while somehow still pleasuring his partner. All sex feels better than it looks.

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With the release date of the sequel to Fifty Shades Of Grey now confirmed, fans were recently given a sneak peek at what’s in store in the next installment. Kisses for his princess: The clip doesn’t give much away but includes the suspenseful sound of a piano with heavy breathing and certainly hints that the relationship between student Anastasia Steele and Mr. Grey delves to darker levels.

The captions flashing up read ‘Are you ready

Well, if you’re 50 Shades heartthrob Jamie Dornan, that is. Jamie says “I was very sporty when I was a kid, but I was a late developer: I was small, I wasn’t very hairy, just one of those guys who, y’know, I was a bit behind and I was young for my year and that had a big effect on me or whatever.”.

The king is dead. Hugh Hefner, who reigned over a his own kingdom of human bunnies and the media empire known as Playboy, has died at the age of He died at his home, the infamous Playboy mansion that was sold some time last year , under the condition that he could still live there as long as he wished. We can credit him for everything from the iconic pairing of bunny ears and bowties to this gif of Kris Jenner being really reassuring. Advertisement Dozens of women of color have been bestowed with the prestigious title of Playmate as documented in the monthly Playboy magazine.

And I can think of a lot of reasons for it. Racist standards of beauty are among them, but so are respectability standards that make it much riskier for women of color to proudly put it all on display for the world to see. Since then a number of notable Black actresses, models, singers, and rappers have graced Playboy’s cover — Mariah Carey, Naomi Campbell, Tinashe, and even Azealia Banks among them. One of my favorite episodes of The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air is the one where Hilary Banks Karyn Parsons is approached to pose for a fictional weather girl edition of the magazine.

Hefner appearing next to a then-rapper Will Smith and DJ Jazzy on the sitcom was just one example of how the icon is revered by the community. You can imagine how his lifestyle — one with wealth and sex constantly within in reach — synced up some of the more popular moors of contemporary hip-hop. Today, in the wake of his death, he is being mourned by everyone from Questlove to Diddy.

In the s, when the racial landscape of the country was even more strained than it is now, Hefner made room for the controversial opinions of Black thinkers like Miles Davis and Muhammad Ali, launching the career of famed Roots writer Alex Haley. The longest press interview that Martin Luther King Jr.

National Kissing Day: Top lesbian kisses in film history from Angelina Jolie to Megan Fox

Monday 31 July Valerian opens spectacularly with a year montage sequence showing humans coming into contact with increasingly amazing alien life, before we are introduced to a planet where the blue inhabitants are at one with nature. But then things turn dire as we cut to the worst leading protagonists of the summer, lazing on a fake beach. Anyway, Valerian and Laureline are as cute as a pair of baby salamanders.

Dane DeHaan is the darling of the indie movie circuit and usually terrific but it takes a Bruce Willis sized-dose of charisma to sell blockbuster dialogue, as the scripts are usually just a nuisance to get out of the way to the next explosion.

I’m not sure what you mean by pointing out the window. I haven’t read either 50 Shades or Twilight – well, I read like a chapter of it until the sheer horribleness of the writing made me stop – but that sheer horribleness is why I can’t support it but many movies have worked with less.

He is the amazing Mr. He is the one and only Jamie Dornan. They are all interesting: Before he became an actor, Jamie was a fashion model featuring clothes, underwear, and his hot body. Even though he never really liked these days as he says, he still feels like the skinny kid he was in high school , Dornan was even praised by The New York Times as one of the best models out there. They even gave him a fascinating nickname: Is it a color reference?

I think it is meant to be a compliment. That makes you even hotter, to be honest.

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But there is only one kiss that we all remember. Johanssen, however, claims that filming the kiss was not as enjoyable as one might expect. When her lover played by Mitchell makes her choose between their relationship and drugs, Gia unbelievably chooses the drugs.

Oct 06,  · Jamie Dornan is set to be a father for the third time. The ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ star and his wife Amelia Warner are reportedly expecting a sibling for their five-year-old daughter Dulcie and.

Both were reportedly spotted sharing their romantic moments together. Advertisement With their budding relationship, Johnson’s co-star Jamie Dornan is seemingly jealous of the couple and their growing chemistry. Interestingly, Johnson and Dornan had denied any intimate relationship. Johnson, who played Anastasia Steele in erotic drama film “Fifty Shades of Grey,” shared a lot of intimate scenes with her co-actor Dornan and both were linked together many times since Dornan admitted later that the people of the film are like family to him.

According to Deadline , Johnson is doing a movie with his new flame Garfield and both are busy shooting these days for the upcoming crime thriller titled “Under the Silver Lake.

Jamie Dornan Says Fifty Shades of Grey Is More Than Just BDSM

Get daily updates directly to your inbox Subscribe Thank you for subscribingSee our privacy notice Could not subscribe, try again laterInvalid Email Jamie Dornan looks a world away from his 50 Shades Of Grey alter-ego in a first-look picture from his forthcoming project. The drama about love, betrayal, deception and revenge will reunite Dornan with The Fall creator Allan Cubbitt, who will adapt the three-part series and also serve as director. The series is set in the countryside of Fermanagh in over a tense hour period, where neighbours observe each other closely and people are double-dealers.

Christian Grey himself, Jamie Dornan, stopped by The Graham Norton Show this week to talk about just how un-sexy things are behind the scenes of the steamy Fifty Shades scenes, according to ET Online.

Get daily updates directly to your inbox Subscribe Thank you for subscribingSee our privacy notice Could not subscribe, try again laterInvalid Email Jamie Dornan is to stalk the streets again after he was cast in a new small-screen period drama. The drama about love, betrayal, deception and revenge will reunite Dornan with The Fall creator Allan Cubbitt, who will adapt the three-part series and also serve as director.

They will be joined by Red Rock star Ann Skelly for the adaptation, which is set in the countryside of Fermanagh in over a tense hour period, when neighbours observe each other and inform. Skelly will play Beth Winters, who is celebrating her 25th birthday and has decided to join the charming Liam Ward Dornan and escape her limited life and complex relationship with her Protestant landowner stepfather Billy Rhys. Read More Co Down star Dornan, 36, said: The project marks a return to TV for Dornan after his high-profile switch into movies.

Fifty Shades Freed — the final instalment in the erotic series — was released earlier this year and he will next be seen in cinemas as Will Scarlet in Robin Hood. Read More Jamie Dornan delights fans at Fifty Shades Freed world premiere in Paris Keep up-to-date with all the very latest news, what’s on, sport and everything else in Belfast and beyond with the Belfast Live app.

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His most notable works were ad campaigns for Dior Hommes and Calvin Klein. In , he appeared in the drama film Shadows in the Sun, which also starred Jean Simmons who is a three-time academy Award nominee. The town mayor Regina who is also the evil queen killed his character, but he has said that he will return to the series as the Huntsman from the Enchanted Forest at some pint and he has been a regular in the series. The show was renewed for a second series in The film was released on the 13th February

Jamie Dornan, 31 — who more recently played a serial killer on the BBC’s “The Fall” and a sheriff on ABC’s “Once Upon a Time” — toured with the now-defunct band Sons of Jim and.

The Shankill and the Falls are two of the most-famous roads in our city as a result of their strong backgrounds, close proximity and the political unrest they have witnessed during The Troubles. One of the earliest pictures dates back to and shows a group of well-dressed ladies passing by the post office at number Shankill Road. And just a few years later in , a gang of young children in ragged clothing are captured at Mitchell’s Court, off Gardiner Street in the Lower Shankill.

Another picture from the same year appears to show youngsters more smartly dressed and young women at Beatty’s Entry, off Hamill Street in the city. Sandy Row from quiet back street to bustling heart of bars and shops A striking image from the Springfield Road shows two homeless men sleeping rough in the kilns of the brickworks in Two cinemas were further along this section of the road — The Clonard on the right and the Diamond further down on the left.

In the late 60s, two images — one an aerial shot — show the devastation following the outbreak of of civil unrest on the Falls in August As always, share your thoughts and memories via our comments section below and check out more great historic pictures of our city at the excellent Old Belfast Photographs Facebook site.

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